What You Should Know About The HCG Diet

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A fad diet has hit the marketplace and it is being aimed at women trying to lose weight especially after their pregnancy. Over the internet and especially twitter you will find a lot of success stories of women losing pregnancy weight using this diet. Yet, just like so many of the fad diets, the truth is not always as it seems.

The diet consists of injecting yourself with daily dosages of the hCG hormone. This is the same hormone that is tested in at home pregnancy tests because it is released when you first get pregnant. Its role is to prepare your body for the pregnancy and helps prevent your period so you don’t lose the baby.

Interestingly enough however, is that these days to get the real medical formula of HCG, you will require a doctors prescription. So, beware of most of the products that are available on the market today that claim that they contain the power and benefits of HCG in a pill or HCG drops for example- for you never in fact know what is actually in that supplement on what other potential side effects that might occur.

In addition to the daily shots of the hormone, you are supposed to only eat 500 calories a day. Yes, just a mere 500 calories a day. The reality is that the hCG diet is a starvation diet. Anyone that limits themselves to 500 calories a day will no doubt lose weight. The purpose of the hormone is simply to reduce your hunger pains.

How about the risks associated with this diet? You usually do not hear about it but risks such as blood clots, headaches, and depression are common. You also must realize that injecting your body with hCG is tricking your body into thinking that you are pregnant. Swollen and tender breasts are common as well as morning sickness. This hardly seems worth it to me especially when you consider the long term effects of increased hormone levels on your body.

Although these diets are so unhealthy, people seem to be fascinated by them. The hCG diet is not endorsed by the AMA or the FDA. Yet, Americans are in love with diets that provide them with quick results, little effort, and the new trendy diet.

Take my advice and stay away from this diet. You may lose some weight in the short term but you are bound to yo-yo back since 500 calories per day is not sustainable.  The only way of losing pregnancy weight for the long term is to eat healthy and control your calories at a sustainable level.

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