Give a Beauty Gift to a New Mum

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Although the arrival of a new baby boy or girl is a joyous occasion, pregnancy really is one of the most physically demanding and body altering processes that a female can face. Occasionally, throughout the nine months and even after the birth, it can seem like men just do not care enough, though it is more likely that they just do not fully comprehend the toll pregnancy has on the body and mind of a woman.

Mum to be gifts tend to resolve around those for the new arrival, such as baby grows and baby books. Despite these gifts being thoughtful and useful, the new mummies themselves deserve a little spoiling. Treating new mums can help to stave off post natal depression. Mum putting making baby priority all the time and never taking time out does not make for a very happy mental attitude!

I think that the best kind of treats to give include something like a luxury spa gift box. Such gifts will see mum getting out of the home and indulge herself for a change. New dads should insist on taking care of baby during the pampering session so that she can also use the opportunity to clear her head not just her skin!

It is likely that mum let her beauty regime slip towards the end of her pregnancy. Who cares about the state of their eyebrows when they’re trying to hobble around their new as-big-as-a-cow frame? The changes pregnancy can cause to the body will probably mean that your lady could do with a life of self esteem.

If you are a dad that wants to make mum feel extra special, perhaps you would prefer to treat your missus to a longer spa break. Being away from a newborn might be distressing for mum at first so such breaks should be booked for a time at least a few weeks after mum exits hospital.

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